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Writing on Beach

Short Story

Kerri is currently compiling an anthology of stories for publication in the future. The theme is 'Broken'. Please click on the links below to preview 'Blind Love', recently published in the BAD Western Sydney Jan/Feb 2023 Anthology. 

Blind Love

The story of Samir, a seventeen year-old boy living in Western Sydney who dreams of a bright future only to find his father is not the person he thought he was. 

Nobody Cried the Day I Died

A twist on the theme of 'Heart' entered into the Mansfield Writers Festival. A salacious story of Bart O'Malley, and his hold over the Gold Coast in the early 2000s. 

What's your story about?

Most of Kerri's Short Stories are based on real life occurrences and events. If you have something you want to share with Kerri, and want to see it turned into words on a page, contact her now.

Night Tremors

Entered in the Tasmanian Writers Prize, this story unpacks the heart-ache of losing a sister, and the ramifications of searching for the truth. 

Amor Fati

Miranda lives in a retirement home and is surrounded by family. A story of human connection with some laugh out loud scenes to keep you smiling. 

Stay tuned!

More to come...

More coming...


Short Stories and Me!

Short Story Form is one of my favourite styles of story-telling. I love the way I start with a kernel of a story, let it percolate a little, add in the details and backstory, and then bring it all together with an 'Oh my, I didn't see that coming' twist at the end. 
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